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Dog Blower



hound-hub founder Justene left a corporate career in 2012 to embark on an unchartered journey within the dog world and has not looked back since. With a love and a great understanding of dogs, Justene is excited to bring her passion to hound-hub.

To help full fill her vision Justene has handpicked a team whose members share her passion for dogs and her positive and caring attitude. Together, they have created hound-hub; a space where your dogs are not only safe, but also love to visit.


Justene is certified in dog training and behaviour and holds her nationally accredited certificate III, she has also gained qualifications in behaviour modification and puppy obedience training through acclaimed mentors Vicky and Steve Austin.


Justene believes that a happy dog is a well balanced dog. With a passion for bringing out the best in dogs, she designed hound-hub training programs to help owners connect with their canine companions through fostering a harmonious relationship.


We look forward to helping you understand how your dog can best fit into your life, and you into theirs.

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