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One on One Dog Training

One on one training either on site at hound-hub, Cremorne, a local park or in the comfort of your own home.

One on One Behavioural Correction

From excessive barking, separation anxiety to fear aggression - we'll help you work through the problems so you can understand where they come from and how to move forward with a happy and healthy dog.


Adolescent School

This four week course will help you through the challenges of a growing adolescent dog giving you an understanding of why and how to resolve various unwanted behaviours. We know they push boundaries and challenge your patience, so having a full understanding is essential.

It's fun for both involved and we will give you the tips and tricks to move forward in harmony - a happy dog is a healthy dog!

Suitable for young puppies, rebellious adolescents or those needing to get back on track.

Drop In Classes

We believe training is a journey, so join our ‘drop in’ classes held each month, 6pm at hound-hub to bring you back on track. Groups are small and sessions are fun.

Manners Club – First Monday of each month

Anxiety Buster Club – Second Monday of each month

Post Puppy Club – Third Monday of each month


Private Puppy School

Can't make Puppy School? Not a problem, we're here to help!

Designed over three sessions, this programme will cover everything you need to bring up a happy healthy puppy. It enables you to train at your own speed and can involve the whole family.

Click on the link below to set up a profile for your dog and access session times, dates and prices.

Puppy School


@ Mosman Vet Hospital

Puppy school is a four week program for puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks. Consisting of 1+ hour each week, the classes feature small, controlled groups to maximise the benefit to you and your puppy. Puppy training can also be catered to suit one-on-one sessions and/or training off site.

$285 per four week course

Click on the link below to set up a profile for your puppy and access session times and dates.

GROOMING - new size & price 10/12/23

With care and passion, our expert groomers take grooming to a new level.


Wash & Dry

Wash, condition, ear clean and nail trim (short hair only).

from $75

from $90

from $100

from $135

from POA

from $90

from $115

from $120

from $145

from POA

from $115

from $135

from $155

from $180

from POA

< 9.9kg

10 to 14.9kg

15 to 19.9kg

20 to 29.9kg

> 30kg

< 9.9kg

10 to 14.9kg

15 to 19.9kg

20 to 29.9kg

> 30kg

Wash & Tidy

Wash, condition, ear clean, nail trim, hygiene tidy and under eye trim.

Style Clips - pricing on request

Extras - available on request.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off time is set at booking, from 8:30am

Pick up is advised 30 minutes prior


Wash & Clip

Wash, condition, ear clean, nail trim and full groom.

< 9.9kg

10 to 14.9kg

15 to 19.9kg

20 to 29.9kg

> 30kg

Photo 7-7-20, 7 52 11 am.jpg
Photo 7-7-20, 7 52 58 am_edited.jpg


A safe and enriching environment for your dog to play, socialise and relax. Bookings essential as numbers are limited.

Full Day             ​

Half Day (4hr)             



Drop Off & Pick Up


Drop Off

from 8am Monday, Friday and Saturday
from 7am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Pick Up   

5:30pm on Monday to Friday

5pm on Saturdays

All daycare dogs go through a 2 hour assessment before joining.

6 month +




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